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    Donald Duck Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Donald Duck Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Disney's Donald Duck Advance for the GBA follows the same storyline seen in Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers, released in 2000 for the GBC. Specifically, the short-fused fowl must rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Daisy from the clutches of the evil wizard Merlock while fighting through 18 levels in four game worlds. Donald can double-jump, perform crawl and run attacks, and climb. He uses his friend Gyro's teleport machine to move from one world to the next, after collecting three energy spheres, activated by opening Magic Books, before time runs out on each level. A secondary goal is to collect every star in each level, including those floating up from deposed enemies, to unlock pieces of a special photo that can be viewed in the Gallery. At times, the fiery duck's mood determines his fate -- when happy, he can sustain two hits before losing a life but if he's angry from being hit once, just one more hit will do the trick. Also, when Donald is hit, he goes berserk and becomes invincible for three seconds. Levels contain checkpoints, where play restarts if he loses a life, and additional lives can be gained by collecting 100 yellow stars, which can also be gathered in batches (a blue star equals five yellow stars, and a red star equals ten). Other features include a password save system, onscreen counters depicting number of stars collected, lives, energy spheres, mood, and timer (when Magic Book is opened), as well as Merlock's health meter in the boss level.

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