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    Mega Man Battle Network for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Mega Man Battle Network for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Mega Man Battle Network turns the popular platform shooter franchise on its head by introducing RPG elements, strategic battles, and Pok?mon-style searches for (and link cable-trading of) "battle chips." Players take the role of a young hacker named Lan who enters cyberspace under the guise of "Mega Man.EXE" to battle crime. "Mega Man.EXE" is the codename of Lan's personal digital assistant, which can make phone calls, send and receive emails, keep a calendar, store data, shop on the web, and check news from around the world. While in the real world, Lan can talk to people (and observe objects) to gather information, and can enter the cyber world by "jacking-in" to the PC in his room (or in several other locations). While "online," Lan takes the familiar form of the Blue Bomber himself to battle dangerous computer virus characters in real time on scrolling, isometrically-viewed grids. This is also where he can purchase (or find or win in battles) chips and power-ups (such as armor and rapid fire shots). Battle chips are used for such purposes as changing the standard blaster to a sword, attacking enemies, and healing your character. Designed specifically as a handheld game, this release introduces Mega Man to the 32-bit power of the Game Boy Advance. With patience, skill, and a little luck, Lan can collect all 175 Battle Chips and perhaps restore peace to virtual space once and for all.

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