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    Defender of the Crown for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Defender of the Crown for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Originally released in 1986 on four systems, Cinemaware's Defender of the Crown gets a fresh update with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay in Crawfish Interactive's GBA version. While upgraded to take advantage of technological advances, the story remains firmly rooted in the chaotic days following the demise of King Richard, with the central goal to reclaim the throne of England by laying siege to and taking control of three Norman castles. Playing as one of four lords, each with different strengths and weaknesses, players use leadership, jousting, and swordplay skills throughout the campaign. Players familiar with Koei maps and Risk will strategize using the income levels and vassal count of the 18 territories to best use. Troop units include soldiers, knights, catapults, and castles, and the legendary Robin Hood is available as an ally prior to combat. Battle maneuvers include ferocious attack, stand and fight, outflank, catapult barrage, and wild retreat. Castles can be assaulted with boulders, Greek Fire, and disease during sieges and enemy skills can be set at easy, medium, or hard. Tournaments, which are held by other lords or hosted by the player, impact gameplay with prizes of land or fame. Earning enough of the latter results in a leadership bonus during battle, while jousting for land requires wagering territories. Jousts begin as lance contests, but players can reclaim honor and regain points lost after being knocked from their horse by besting opponents in hand-to-hand mace battles. Finally, players can acquire extra gold by raiding weaker opponents and utilizing sword-fighting skills.

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