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    Breath of Fire for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Breath of Fire for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    A remake of the Super NES title of the same name, Breath of Fire is a classic 2D RPG from the genre most commonly seen in the mid-'90s. The first title in a series that now spans no fewer than four iterations, Breath of Fire puts players in the role of Ryu, a young boy who embarks on a journey to save his sister, and in doing so becomes embroiled in a quest that will determine the fate of the entire world. As he journeys, he'll encounter a variety of creatures and people, some of whom will join him in his quest and provide their unique talents in return. One particular character is capable of "fusing" two party members, creating one new character with an amalgamation of the previous two characters' abilities. Ryu, the title's protagonist, is able to transform into several powerful dragon entities, each with a specific elemental affinity. Other character abilities are used to solve puzzles or remove impediments, such as walls, from your path. While traveling through the over world, Ryu and his party are viewed from a top-down perspective, but when engaged in battle (which takes place randomly), the game shifts to an isometric view of the skirmish. Battles are turn-based affairs, with each character capable of performing Attack and Defend actions as well as employing magic spells, items, and special abilities. An option is provided to allow the CPU to fight for you, should you so choose. Your "pool" of party members can consist of, at most, eight people, only four of whom can be engaged in battle at any one time. Much like other RPG titles, characters gain experience through combat. With increased experience come more powerful attacks and skills. Among the handful of additions made to the Game Boy Advance version is a run button that allows players to run faster while exploring, a quick-save function, and a feature that allows two players to trade items with one another using the link cable. Three battery backup save slots are provided to record your progress

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