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Shining Force Resurrection of Dark Dragon for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Shining Force Resurrection of Dark Dragon for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
The third title from Sega's "Shining" series to come to the Game Boy Advance, this tactical role-playing adventure is based directly on the Genesis game, Shining Force. While true to the classic storyline and style, play balancing and graphical updates enhance this portable version of the game. Shining Force has you traveling to different towns to gather information, purchase, sell, or repair items, or meet new adventurers to add to your party (a maximum of 12 can fight at once). The heart of Shining Force is the battle system, which plays out in a turn-based format. Before fighting, you'll first see a flashing grid of squares illustrating your character's attack range. Highlight the enemy you wish to fight and you'll be taken to the battle screen. Your character will appear in the right foreground while the enemy appears in the background on the left, and you'll be able to see how much damage is inflicted with each blow. Use each character's strengths in combat and you just might make it through unscathed! You'll also gain experience points and can take the weapon(s) from defeated enemies to disperse among your party. Fourteen different character classes range from traditional knights, mages, and archers, to the more exotic werewolves, dragons, and samurai.

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