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    SSX: Tricky for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    SSX: Tricky for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    SSX Tricky glides onto the Game Boy Advance as a snowboarding game closely patterned after its big-screen brothers. A total of eight courses are available to race in two distinct modes of play: World Circuit or Single Event. As in previous versions of the hit extreme sports title, players are rewarded with extra speed by performing a combination of 18 aerial stunts such as flips, spins, kicks, rail riding, and grabs while hurtling down a snow-covered mountain filled with jumps and vertical drops. As the name suggests, Single Event mode is a one-time run down any of the unlocked courses. After choosing one of two initially available characters, players can then select one of three options: Race, Showoff, or Time Challenge. Race is a competition against four rival boarders, while Showoff involves scoring points by performing as many tricks as possible. Time Challenge is a race against the clock as players look to boost their speed by stringing together a series of tricks. World Circuit mode, the heart of the game, consists of the same two events found in Single Event: Race and Showoff. Only this time players will be competing for gold, silver, and bronze medals in each competition. By advancing in the World Circuit mode, players can also unlock additional characters and open up the full selection of courses. As in the console versions, the view in this handheld title takes place from behind the boarder as players steer and increase speed using the Control Pad.

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