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    Monster Rancher Advance 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Monster Rancher Advance 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Players fortunate enough to have saved their favorite monsters from Monster Rancher Advance can resurrect them in Monster Rancher Advance 2, a sequel with an improved interface and graphics. As in the first game, new monsters can be created through the input of key words and phrases, but "retired" monsters can now host training sessions, with the idea that the personality of a monster can rub off on opponents' or friends' monsters. The coaching aspect of the game has been expanded to allow certain trainers to provide specific instruction in some areas, but not all coaches are privy to the same techniques. Players must choose wisely in selecting friendly monsters, as traits can corrupt or improve performance. New in Monster Rancher Advance 2 is the use of a classification system that divides monsters into five general groups. The quasi-biological groupings include Spirit (more intelligent than humans; require skill and knowledge to breed), Sprite (easy handling), Artificial (can be difficult to understand), Beast (nearly wild animals but easy to handle), and Fanciful (odd and otherworldly). Monster breeds include favorites from the first game, such as Hares, as well as some newly discovered monsters like the energy-rich Garu. Players are helped by breeder assistant Holly (from Monster Rancher Advance) and will be reunited with other familiar characters, such as Aroma and Zest, as well as encounter the mysterious Canute and the AGIMA chairman Mr. Mardoc, among others. As in the previous game, understanding the effects of the various training types, careful selection of coaches, and learning new skills through sparring play important roles in raising top notch monsters. Items and money cannot be imported from Monster Rancher Advance and once monsters are transferred, they're deleted from the original game's data.

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