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    Hot Wheels Velocity X for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Hot Wheels Velocity X for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    The intrigue of a Hot Wheels conspiracy is at the center of this racing title from developer Saffire Corporation. Professor Peter Justice, the world's premiere Hot Wheels inventor, has been robbed by his arch-nemesis Otto von Diesel. Now it's up to Gear Head, a robotic crime fighting agent in Justice's organization, to recapture all the Hot Wheels vehicles and put an end to von Diesel's schemes by defeating his evil virus-infected robot assistant MetaCog. Hot Wheels: Velocity X contains 37 missions featuring shortcuts, loops, rings, banked turns, and high flying jumps. Stunts include a variety of rolls, flips, spins, and twists with more than 30 authentic Hot Wheels in three gameplay modes: story, race, and challenge. Gadgets found within missions include power ups and enhancements like energy shields, super grip, oil slicks, repair kits, freeze capability, seekers, and more to help defeat adversaries. Completing missions in story and challenge modes unlock additional Hot Wheels vehicles, as well as advanced gadgets in Battle Challenges. The game uses a password system to save progress in story mode, and additional information can be unlocked by connecting the GBA to a Nintendo GameCube running Hot Wheels: Velocity X. A full database provides details on characters -- such as Sparky, Max, Muscles, Slick, Nitro, Fastlane, and Belcher, among others -- as well as vehicles, stunts, and gadgets

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