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    Worms World Party for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Worms World Party for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Team 17's acclaimed turn-based strategy title worms its way onto Game Boy Advance courtesy of developer Fluid Studios. The basic structure of the game is identical to previous versions: players must lead their team of worm commandos to victory over an opposing team using a variety of explosive and whimsical weapons. Players have a limited time to move a selected worm, deciding whether or not to move closer to an enemy, relocate to new terrain, attack the enemy, or any combination thereof. Once the turn ends, the other side follows suit and play continues until one team is eliminated. Worms World Party features a wide assortment of customizable options, from turn time to number of rounds, starting health, weapon configuration, and more. This Game Boy Advance port retains many of the other versions' key features, albeit with some modifications to accommodate the handheld format. Over 50 weapons and power-ups are available to arm worms with, from traditional shotguns and grenades to more exotic skunks and super banana bombs. Players can compete in a quick game against the computer on randomly generated landscapes, or conquer a series of eight preset missions. Multiplayer action supports up to four players in a hot seat format, which means the handheld is passed to another player after a turn is completed. Worms World Party does not feature Game Link Cable support, nor is there battery backup to save information such as preferences or team statistics.

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