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    Samurai Jack: Amulet of Time for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Samurai Jack: Amulet of Time for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    The Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack series chronicles the saga of Jack, a samurai warrior who, on the verge of destroying the evil wizard Aku, is flung into a supernatural future where the wizard not only lives, but rules over all mankind. Samurai Jack: The Amulet of Time continues the wandering samurai's adventures on the Game Boy Advance. Having heard of a powerful amulet capable of sending him back to his own time, Jack sets off on a quest to retrieve the seven pieces of the amulet. Modeled after the Castlevania series, the game is a 2D, side-scrolling adventure that has players exploring seven different lands, utilizing Jack's martial arts skills and razor sharp sword to stave off the attacks of the many enemies he'll encounter. Throughout the adventure, Jack encounters people in need of help, for whom he'll perform tasks. In return he'll gain new weapons and items to aid him on his journey, including Tiger Claws, a Bow, and powerful Battle Hammer. Particular items, such as armor, will increase one of several attributes, to make Jack an even more formidable warrior. After acquiring each piece of the amulet, Jack is imbued with additional powers and elemental abilities that will enable him to surmount obstacles that previously blocked his progress. As in the cartoon series upon which the title is based, Jack possesses a range of moves and abilities that include wall jumping, double jumping, crawling, rolling, and a number of sword attacks. The game uses a battery backup to save progress.

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