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    Spy Hunter for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Spy Hunter for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Spy Hunter for the GBA places players behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor -- a heavily-armored, high-performance vehicle capable of a number of transformations -- with the goal of putting a stop to the organization NOSTRA and its leader Daemon Curry, who has plans for world domination. Accompanied by remixed renditions of the Peter Gunn theme music, players will speed through eight missions, completing both primary and secondary objectives. These tasks include such familiar assignments such destroying enemy transport vehicles, infiltrating enemy installations, and eradicating powerful enemy weapons. Played from a third-person viewpoint, Spy Hunter drags players through the highways and byways (as well as fjords and waterways) of seven exotic locales filled with enemy vehicles, hazards, and roadside weapons-platforms. To survive the onslaught of enemy attacks, players can return fire with fantastic weaponry -- such as railguns and EMP generators -- along with more down-to-earth implements -- such as heat-seeking missiles, machine guns, oil slicks, smoke screens, and even a flamethrower. Take too much damage and the vehicle will shed its outer armor, turning into a sleek, armored motorcycle. Far removed from the pressures of saving the world, Special Agent mode gives players five minutes in which to kill as many chickens as possible, allowing them to investigate the various paths and environments while doing so. By completing the many in-game objectives, Super Agent and Arcade modes can be unlocked, and in turn, by completing all the objectives in Super Agent mode, additional cheats can be uncovered. Super Agent mode is essentially a remixed version of the normal game, offering increased difficulty and different object placement. Arcade mode requires players to accumulate points through wanton destruction, in the quest for a spot on the high-score table. Lastly, with the aid of a Link Cable and two copies of the game, two players can participate in Special Agent mode, in which the object is to kill more chickens or activate more SATCOM devices than your opponent.

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