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    Lego Bionicle for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Lego Bionicle for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Based upon the LEGO series of toys, LEGO Bionicle tasks players with collecting the six legendary Toa stones. Once assembled, these stones will allow you -- a hapless villager by the name of Takua -- to summon the legendary Toa heroes and save the island of Mata Nui from the darkness that has engulfed it. An action-adventure title with basic RPG elements, LEGO Bionicle spans six different environments, made up of a total of 20 levels. Before embarking on the quest, players are given the opportunity to customize the color of their character's torso/head, arms and legs. Throughout your journey, you'll encounter villagers in dire need of your help, who will ask you to perform various tasks and mini-quests. Completion of these tasks will reward you with helpful items such as a hammer to break rocks and other objects with, and an ice pick that allows you to create blocks of ice. Standing between you and the fulfillment of these duties, however, are indigenous enemies ranging from bugs to spiders to crabs, many of whom can be defeated by hurling various projectiles, such as fruit and discs at them. Puzzles litter the landscape and must be overcome in order to increase your character's abilities and continue on your journey. By completing the single-player adventure, up to six different multiplayer mini-games can be unlocked. These include Koli Football, where the objective is to be the player with the least number of rocks in their goal, and the Huai Snowball Swing, where players attempt to cover their opponents in snow by repeatedly hurling snowballs at one another. Battery backup allows players to save their in-game progress anywhere they wish.

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