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    Splinter Cell for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Splinter Cell for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Splinter Cell sneaks its way onto Game Boy Advance as a side-scrolling game with the same emphasis on stealth and covert action as its console siblings. The title alludes to the secret organization players are part of, an offshoot of the NSA called Third Echelon, whose members rigorously serve to protect America using whatever means necessary. Two CIA operatives are missing somewhere within the Soviet republic of Georgia, and it's up to agent Sam Fisher to find them and return them home. Fisher has a number of agile moves to help him infiltrate enemy compounds without detection. As in games like Rolling Thunder, players can duck into the background's shadowy alcoves to hide from patrolling guards. Fisher can also climb hand-over-hand across ledges or along ceilings to sneak through open windows or to avoid contact. Eleven missions are initially available, including an optional training exercise designed to familiarize players with the different techniques Fisher can perform while on assignment. Among the different gadgets included are lock picks for bypassing secured doors, night vision and thermal vision goggles, smoke grenades, and a silenced pistol. While many of the same environments found in the console titles are featured in the Game Boy Advance release, albeit in 2D form, the handheld game differs by including a number of one-on-one boss encounters. Those owning the GameCube version will also be able to access an additional five levels through the GameCube -- GBA Cable.

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