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    Power Rangers: Ninja Storm for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Power Rangers: Ninja Storm for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Based on the television program of the same name, Power Rangers: Ninja Storm is the third Power Rangers game for the Game Boy Advance. Lothor and his evil aliens have launched attacks on all of the ninja academies in an attempt to neutralize anyone who may stop him from taking over Earth. However, three students from the Wind Ranger ninja academy and two students from the Thunder Ranger ninja academy have managed to escape. Although the two academies are rivals, these five students must work together with the Green Samurai Ninja in order to save the world. Players can switch between each Power Ranger at any point in a level. Switching between characters will allow users to make good use of each Ranger's unique gadgets and special moves. The Rangers can also make use of weapons and power-ups that are located throughout all of the game's 20 levels. Special power-ups are available during Megazord battles.

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