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    Tekken Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Tekken Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    A throwback to the series' earlier incarnations, Tekken Advance recaptures much of the magic found in the console renditions. The cast of ten fighters (as well as one hidden one) include King, Jin, Paul, and Nina, and the action is reproduced using a combination of pre-rendered sprites and scaling 2D environments. A zoom feature moves closer to and farther out from the action, mimicking the camera found in the console versions. Each character possesses a wealth of moves to master, which are performed using a simplified control scheme. The face buttons are used to punch and kick, while the shoulder buttons are used to grapple and "tag" partners into and out of the match in a special three-on-three game mode. Arcade and Versus modes make up the most significant portion of the game, though periphery modes such as Survival, Time Attack, and Tag Battle exist as well. With two cartridges and a link cable, two players can battle against one another. The game provides battery backup, allowing players to keep track of various statistics, including character usage and the top game clearance times.

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