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    NHL Hitz 2003 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    NHL Hitz 2003 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    The ice hockey equivalent of Midway's NFL Blitz titles, the Hitz franchise makes its handheld debut with NHL Hitz 20-03. Rules are nothing short of non-existent in this incarnation of the sport, as two teams of three players attempt to obtain (and score with) the puck in any way they can. Augmenting the basic array of one-timers, slapshots, spins, and poke-checks is the ability for players to catch '"on-fire," by constantly harassing opponents or scoring a hat-trick. Being on-fire provides the player with vastly improved abilities. Ever present is the Midway-standard Turbo meter, that can be used to increase the effectiveness of shots and body checks. Of course, relentless harassment of a player, or just a short temper, can lead to a fist-fight. Viewed from a side-on perspective, players pummel one another until somebody succumbs. After scoring, gamers are treated to a brief replay. The GBA version of NHL Hitz 20-03 offers Exhibition and Season modes, allowing players to use the NHL team of their choosing. Alternatively, players can jump straight into the playoffs. Provided that each owns a copy of the game, up to four players can compete against one another. Battery backup saves a player's current progress in the Season mode. Commentary, in the form of a small selection of excited phrases, is provided by Tim Kitzrow, veteran voice of Midway's arcade sports titles.

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