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    Krazy Racers for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Krazy Racers for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Out in the far reaches of space sits Krazy World, which is inhabited solely by go-karts driven by eight different characters attempting to prove they are the best. The race characters -- which include such names as Goemon, Moai, and Dracula -- are ranked on a one to five scale based on three categories: top speed, acceleration, and grip. Testing the characters in a free run mode may give users the best chance at finding the one that can dominate the Grand Prix and become the champion of Krazy World. The main mode of play is the Krazy Grand Prix, where the objective is to finish first overall in the points race in each of the four cup challenges. During the first playing of the game, only the Krazy Cup will be available, but after earning wins other cups will be unlocked for competition. Each cup challenge contains four consecutive races. Players can advance to the next race only by finishing in the top three of the current race. Points are given based on finishes, and then tallied at the end of the cup. After placing first overall for the cup, racers can then visit the license center where they will first seek a "B" license, which will unlock the Hyper and Premium Cups. Farther down the line, after successfully testing for an "A" license, the Champion Cup is open for competition. Other modes of play include a Time Attack, which removes other racers and pits the user against the clock and the world records. A good way to practice racing without any pressure is to choose the Free Run mode which, with the Time Attack, can only be played on 12 of the 16 courses (the other four are reserved for Grand Prix Circuit races). Three unusual modes of play (for a kart racing game) include mini-battle, bomb chaser, and chicken. In versus mode, which allows two human players to battle it out using a link cable, the free run, match race, and mini-battle modes of play are available. Throughout game play, blue and red bells will appear on the course. Picking them up can increase a player's chances of winning the race. Items include turbo speed, eye wrap, time bomber, electric battery, and several more. These items can be activated using the L button on the Game Boy Advance. Different items can be used different numbers of times, and this is indicated in the top left portion of the play screen. As for the other controls, the A button accelerates, while the B button brakes. The R button can be used to jump over opponents or obstacles, and finally, the Select button activates the rear view mirror, allowing racers to check out the action behind them.

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