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    Mega Man 2 for Nintendo (NES) - Used

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    Mega Man 2 for Nintendo (NES)
    Mega Man 2 is the sequel to the original Mega Man. Dr Wiley is back and wants his revenge, this time he has built eight robot masters to help him take over the world. Once again it's up to Mega Man to stop him. Get ready to journey through the water world of Bubble Man, the forest world of Wood Man, the fire world of Heat man, and the other themed world as you make your way to Wiley's new castle. Gameplay wise nothing has changed since the original, just new weapons from the new bosses. It follows the same strategy at the original, choose one of the eight stages, and make your way through it and beat the boss. Each boss will give you a unique weapon, and each boss has a weakness to one of the other bosses weapons. Like the original it features a password save system. If you want to shut the system off, simply wright down the password given at the end of each stage. When you turn it on again, punch in the password, and pick up right where you left off.

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