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    Mega Man 5 for Nintendo (NES) - Used

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    Mega Man 5 for Nintendo (NES)
    The Blue Bomber is back for round five. Mega Man 5 is the fifth game in the Mega Man series. It is also the game that introduces Beat, Mega Man's robot bird that helps Mega Man out. You will have to find the hidden letters in each stage and spell out MegaManV to use him. The Charge Shot, Rush, and slide also return. The story is very similar to the previous entries. This time it is Proto Man, Mega Man's older brother who is out to take over the world. He has eight new robot masters to help him. Same as the older games, You can pick any of the eight levels at any time, make your way through the levels, destroying any robot goons that get in your way, until you arrive at the lair of the robot master. Once you defeat a master you will gain his weapon. Each master is weak to one of the other master's weapons. Each level is built around a theme related to the boss. Like previous games Mega Man 5 also uses the password save system.

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