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    Donkey Kong Original Arcade Classics Series for Nintendo (NES) - Used

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    Donkey Kong Original Arcade Classics Series for Nintendo (NES)
    Donkey Kong Arcade Classic is the debut game of iconic video game characters of Mario, and Donkey Kong. It is a port of the original Arcade Game that would've been in Arcades across the world in the 80's. You play as 'Jumpman' (Later known as Mario) as he works his way up a construction site to save his girlfreind who was kidnapped by the guerilla Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong won't make it easy, he will constantly throw barrels at you. Mario will have to jump over the barrels to prevent his death, as well as avoid the fires that wonder a few floors of the level. Can you make it to the top of the skyscrapper?

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