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Big Nose The Caveman for Nintendo (NES) - Used

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Big Nose The Caveman for Nintendo (NES)
Bignose whacked the purple dinosaur ... thump! It's gigantic head plunged to the ground. "All this action," Bignose thought, "and this is only the start of my adventure!" Bignose will encounter many more weird and wonderful creatures in his prehistorical world -- giant turtles, huge poisonous mosquitoes, sabre-toothed tigers, erupting volcanoes, bonzo birds, massive scorpions, magic spells and flying potions, special weapons, super-speed spells, power clubs, levitate potions, time-freeze spells, and the mysterious Witch Doctor! Meet all these things and more on Paradise Island, Monster Island, Terror Island, Chaos Island and in The Dead Sea!

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