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Mega Man 6 for Nintendo (NES) - Used

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Mega Man 6 for Nintendo (NES)
Mega Man 6 is the sixth installment of the Mega Man franchise, and the last on the original NES system. Gameplay wise it plays the same as the the previous installments. You pick a level and make your way through the level blasting enemies with your Mega Buster. The game's story a mysterious man known as Dr. X hosts a tournament for the title of strongest robot. He then takes control of the eight most powerful and uses them to wreak havoc on the world. Mega Man must make his way though the eight levels and defeat the bosses, each with their own theme. Rush makes a return in this one as some of the coolest power ups yet. Have him tun into the Rush Jet Adaptor and combine with Mega Man to give Mega Man a jet pack and fly through the levels. Or have Rush turn into the Power Adaptor and combine with Mega Man, to give him a super punch attack.

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