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Sega Genesis Strategy Games

  • Super Battleship for SEGA Genesis
    Take to the high seas and see if you've got what it takes to become the Commander of your own fleet with SUPER BATTLESHIP for the Sega Genesis. This digital update of the classic board game brings a whole new ...
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    $3.00      $3.06
  • Super Battletank: War In Gulf for SEGA Genesis
    A tank game set in the original Iraq-US Gulf War, featuring authentic tank cockpits and CNN-style images of General Norman Schwarzkopf introducing battle ...
    Our Price: $5.00
    $5.00      $5.10
  • Romance Three Kingdoms II 2 for SEGA Genesis
    The Han Dynasty has finally fallen, and the once tranquil land of China is reeling from the waves of turmoil and anarchy that has resulted. In ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS III: ...
    Our Price: $17.00
    $17.00      $17.34
  • Herzog Zwei for SEGA Genesis
    Arguably the first realtime strategy (RTS) game ever, Herzog Zwei laid the foundation for one of the most popular genres in PC gaming -- yet it all began on a console. Even the developers at Blizzard ...
    Our Price: $45.00
    $45.00      $45.90
  • Pacific Theater of Operations PTO for SEGA Genesis
    Released by KOEI, P.T.O. is a war strategy game based on the World War II Pacific Theater of Operations. Manage ships, planes, and more on your way to victory in one of nine ...
    Our Price: $12.00
    $12.00      $12.24
  • Risk: The World Conquest Game for SEGA Genesis
    Are you brave (and lucky) enough to conquer the world? Based on the classic board game of the same name, RISK combines the much-loved, time-tested global tug-of-war with all-new options to create a ...
    Our Price: $5.00
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  • Populous for SEGA Genesis
    In Populous, players assume the role of a deity responsible for shepherding people by direction, manipulation, and divine intervention. The player also has the ability to shape the landscape and build their ...
  • Tyrants: Fight through Time for SEGA Genesis
    In this strategy 'God game', you develop your civilizations as you progress through the ages, from rock chuckers to nuke bearers! Known as Tyrants: Fight Through Time in the US, the game was released ...
  • Warrior of Rome II 2 for SEGA Genesis
    The danger and action of the Roman era are recreated in this 8-meg, 1 or 2-player military simulation spectacular! Plot and maneuver your forces as they battle the menacing armies of ancient Persia, Egypt and ...
  • Warrior of Rome for SEGA Genesis
    Hail Caesar! Join up with the much decorated Julius Caesar and his mighty army in this real-time war simulation set in Ancient Rome. The Mediterranean Sea is the setting for one of the most ...
  • Star Control for SEGA Genesis
    Take a trip to the deadly outer reaches of space in the 27th century. Command one of 14 superb starships each with unique maneuvering, weapons, and armor as you try to save humanity from a tyrant's rule. Your ...
  • Operation Europe Path To Victory for SEGA Genesis
    It is 1939, and Hitler's war machine is rolling across Europe. Take control of either the Allied or Axis forces. Give orders to generals like Patton, McAuliffe, Montgomery, Rommel, Rundstedt, and Manstein. ...
  • Nobunagas Ambition for SEGA Genesis
    Take the role of Oda Nobuanga, and try to unite the warring lands of Japan in NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION. You will have to keep a watch on the other warlords. They will not hesitate to send ninja spies to terrorize ...
  • Master of Monsters for SEGA Genesis
    Master of Monsters is a turn based strategy game that involves the player summoning and moving monsters around a board in order to capture towers and eventually defeat the computer or a human controlled opponent ...
  • Genghis Khan 2 for SEGA Genesis
    Now you can change the course of history with Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf. With a powerful stronghold in Asia, your sights are set on taking over the whole continent and maybe even the entire ...