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Sega Genesis Platform Games

  • Sonic the Hedgehog for SEGA Genesis
    The first installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the game chronicles the adventures of the titular character Sonic, in his quest to defeat the series antagonist Doctor Ivo ...
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  • Garfield: Caught In The Act for SEGA Genesis
    Garfield makes the leap from the comic strip to the videogame with GARFIELD: Caught in the Act for the Sega Genesis. One night, while watching late-night TV, the fat cat gets sucked into the television set and ...
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  • Disneys Aladdin for SEGA Genesis
    The evil Jafar has placed the Sultan under a spell and is planning to marry the Sultan's daughter, Princess Jasmine. The only person who can stop the plot is a diamond-in-the-rough street kid named Aladdin. ...
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  • Cool Spot for SEGA Genesis
    The adorable 7Up mascot has found his way onto Sega Genesis as the star of his own game, COOL SPOT. After seeing all of his friends get kidnapped, the last remaining Spot sets out on an adventure of rescue and ...
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  • Earthworm Jim for SEGA Genesis
    Released in 1994 on the Sega Genesis, Earthworm Jim is a run and gun platform game featuring an earthworm named Jim in a robotic suit that battles evil on his quest to save princess ...
  • Taz-Mania for SEGA Genesis
    On each level, Taz must beat the clock and collect his allotted number of kiwi birds at the risk of losing a life. Hordes of enemies will do their best to stop Taz as he runs, jumps, and spins his way through ...
  • Cosmic Spacehead for SEGA Genesis
    Cosmic Spacehead is a Cosmonaut with a problem nobody on his home planet believes his claims of a newly discovered planet that he calls Earth. Now, it's up to you to help Cosmic get back to this distant world ...
  • Cliffhanger for SEGA Genesis
    Terrorists tried to hijack a plane carrying $100 million in cash, but things do not go according to plan and the plane crashes on the side of a mountain. Pretending to be lost hikers, the terrorists call the ...
  • Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck for SEGA Genesis
    When Chuck Rock is kidnapped, there's only one person brave enough and nasty enough to rescue him: his six-month-old son! In CHUCK ROCK II: Son of Chuck, you assume the role of the bratty infant as he heads into ...
  • Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude for SEGA Genesis
    While out shredding the waves one day, surfer extraordinaire Greendog gets nailed by a wave of epic proportions and he's struck with an Aztec curse. To make matters even worse, he washes onto shore and realizes ...
  • Hook for SEGA Genesis
    Based on the hit movie of the same name, HOOK is a challenging and swashbuckling adventure that will bring you face to face with the most infamous pirate of them all, Captain Hook. You play the role of ...
  • Chuck Rock for SEGA Genesis
    Set in prehistoric times, CHUCK ROCK follows the exploits of the title character as he searches for his wife Ophelia, who has been kidnapped by a knuckle-dragger named Gary Gritter. You'll have to get through ...