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Gamecube Role Playing Games

  • Virtua Quest for Nintendo GameCube
    Virtua Quest is a unique action role-playing game that brings back the classic Virtua Fighter characters in a most unexpected way. In the future, there's only one place left to find hidden treasure - online. Young ...
    Our Price: $10.00
    $10.00      $10.20
  • Baten Kaitos Origins for Nintendo GameCube
    Set 20 years prior to the events chronicled in 2004's futuristic role-playing game, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Baten Kaitos Origins follows a ...
    Our Price: $55.00
    $55.00      $56.10
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for Nintendo GameCube
    Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance leads you into the life of a young soldier who'll become a hero, in a world filled with political unrest and class struggle. Ike is inexperienced and untested, but he'll rise to the ...
    Our Price: $125.00
    $125.00      $127.50
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom for Nintendo GameCube
    Konami's hit animated television series and collectible card game makes its GameCube debut with the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, a 3D role-playing ...
    Our Price: $9.00
    $9.00      $9.18
  • Lost Kingdoms II 2 for Nintendo GameCube
    The sequel to the GameCube's first role-playing game once again has players protecting the land of Argwyll from nefarious forces. While a new heroine has agreed ...
    Our Price: $40.00
    $40.00      $40.80
  • Lost Kingdoms for Nintendo GameCube
    The first action RPG for the GameCube stars a young princess named Katia in her quest to prevent a dark and mysterious entity from destroying the five Kingdoms of ...
    Our Price: $18.00
    $18.00      $18.36
  • Evolution Worlds for Nintendo GameCube
    Evolution Worlds continues the anime-styled adventures of Mag Launcher and Linear Cannon as they explore labyrinths and ancient ruins while searching for lost ...
    Our Price: $12.00
    $12.00      $12.24
  • Lord of the Rings, The The Third Age for Nintendo GameCube
    Lord Of The Rings: Third Age allows fans to explore the world of Middle-Earth from an entirely new perspective. Players get a chance to fight alongside or against key characters from The Lord of the Rings, like ...
    Our Price: $10.00
    $10.00      $10.20
  • Mega Man X Command Mission for Nintendo GameCube
    Mega Man X Command Mission is a new combination of role-playing and action gaming, set in the Mega Man universe! Help mega Man and his friends infiltrate Giga City and fight the Liberion Army, before their war ...
    Our Price: $27.00
    $27.00      $27.54
  • Paper Mario Thousand Year Door for Nintendo GameCube
    Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is a full-blown role-playing game starring a classic 2D character! Time passes and pages turn, leading Mario to turn back to his paper form as he faces a new threat. Crawl through ...
    Our Price: $45.00
    $45.00      $45.90
  • Tales of Symphonia for Nintendo GameCube
    Tales of Symphonia challenges you to answer an immense question: Would you sacrifice your life to save a world? With its beautiful 3D cel-shaded graphics and immersive, emotionally charged epic story, you'll walk ...
    Our Price: $24.00
    $24.00      $24.48
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Nintendo GameCube
    In a world ravaged by plague, life depends on the power of a magic crystal. Each year, the Crystal Caravan collects the Mirula Droplets, to keep its power(and its people) alive. This year, it's your turn to make ...
    Our Price: $14.00
    $14.00      $14.28
  • Skies of Arcadia Legends for Nintendo GameCube
    Skies of Arcadia Legends is a role playing game in which players must travel and explore six different lands. Environments range from quaint villages to outer space. Play as Vyse, who seeks to take over a pirate ...
    Our Price: $85.00
    $85.00      $86.70