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Sega Dreamcast Racing Games

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  • Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for SEGA Dreamcast
    Imagine Ben Hur in a galaxy far, far away. Replace the two-wheeled carriage with a futuristic, hovering pod -- now take away the horses and strap two giant afterburner-powered engines to the vehicle. The ...
    Our Price: $22.00
    $22.00      $22.44
  • Revolt Racing for SEGA Dreamcast
    Featuring 1-4 players, 28 cars, 14 tracks, and a free roam stunt area, Re-volt is an action combat ...
    Our Price: $15.00
    $15.00      $15.30
  • Test Drive Le Mans for SEGA Dreamcast
    Driving a fast car probably sounds great to any automotive enthusiast, but driving one for 24 hours straight takes a different breed of driver. Now, that driver can be you with a copy of TEST DRIVE LE MANS and ...
    Our Price: $5.00
    $5.00      $5.10
  • Eighteen Wheeler American Pro for SEGA Dreamcast
    Drive a big rig in courses that run through various American cities, racing competitors and rivals for the glory of being number one. The feel of driving one of these behemoths is accurately conveyed ...
    Our Price: $10.00
    $10.00      $10.20
  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer for SEGA Dreamcast
    You're cruising along a freeway in Tokyo when you see someone challenging you out of the corner of your eye. You flash your headlights, take on the dare, and you're off speeding down the highway in TOKYO XTREME ...
    Our Price: $9.00
    $9.00      $9.18
  • MSR Metropolis Street Racer for SEGA Dreamcast
    MSR is all about Kudos. It?s Kudos that you earn from winning, from driving with style and care, and from being an impressive driver to watch. It?s Kudos that you gamble each time you race, and it?s Kudos that ...
    Our Price: $12.00
    $12.00      $12.24
  • Rush 2049 for SEGA Dreamcast
    The third title in the Rush series, Rush 2049 is a multiplayer arcade racing title. Compared to predecessors in the series is the ability to extend wings from the cars in midair and ...
  • Vanishing Point for SEGA Dreamcast
    It's not just racing. It's a driving simulation so advanced and authentic it'll drive you mad. Comprehensive vehicle dynamics based on collaboration with industry engineers. Authentically licensed cars: Lotus, ...
  • 4X4 Evo for SEGA Dreamcast
    Experience four-wheeling mayhem as you battle opponents through fifteen different courses. Customize your own trucks and SUVs to be able to cut corners, grab massive air, and create your own shortcuts. 4X4 ...
  • South Park Rally for SEGA Dreamcast
    In what has to be characterized as the wackiest rally-racing game ever, the characters of South Park take to the streets of their beloved town in a cutthroat competition. Cruise through 'South Park ...
  • Sega GT for SEGA Dreamcast
    Sega GT is a car enthusiast's dream true. Choose from over 130 authentic sports cars, each one reproduced from manufacturer specifications to deliver the look, feel, and performance of their real-life ...
  • Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 for SEGA Dreamcast
    Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 utilizes an all-new racing engine, which features state-of-the-art graphics, physics and motion. Gamers will be able to race as or against the legendary Supercross champion ...
  • Hydro Thunder for SEGA Dreamcast
    Midway has brought the arcade action of HYDRO THUNDER into your living room and onto the Dreamcast. Select from 13 boats, ranging from 16-cylinder gas-guzzlers to futuristic prototypes. Each boat ...
  • TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat for SEGA Dreamcast
    Time to hop into a dirt-thumping dune buggy or tricked-out truck and race your way to victory in TNN MOTORSPORTS HARDCORE HEAT. The world of off-road driving action is yours for the taking as you compete in ...
  • Monaco Grand Prix for SEGA Dreamcast
    If you're tired of the NASCAR circuit and want to feel the rush of open-wheeled racing, then strap yourself in to MONACO GRAND PRIX. You'll have 16 real-life tracks to race on, which have been ...
  • Disneys Magical Racing Tour for SEGA Dreamcast
    Compete in races on tracks inspired by attractions such as the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to acquire missing parts for the park's fireworks machine, ...
  • Flag to Flag CART for SEGA Dreamcast
    Experience the nose-to-tail battle that is CART racing. This high-speed, action-packed racing game will pump your pulse into overdrive with its 3D realism and challenging courses. Sega's first-ever CART ...
  • Magforce Racing for SEGA Dreamcast
    Hop into your futuristic, turbo-charged hover car and take to the high-speed techno tracks of MAG FORCE RACING. If you're a fan of the WIPEOUT series, you'll have some idea of what's in store for you here. In ...
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