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Sega Dreamcast Fighting Games

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  • Dead or Alive 2 for SEGA Dreamcast
    The world has become a very chaotic and disoriented place ever since the tragic murder of Fame Douglas, the sponsor of the legendary 'Dead or Alive 1 World Combat Championship'. We must now rely on you to ...
    Our Price: $15.00
    $15.00      $15.30
  • WWF Royal Rumble for SEGA Dreamcast
    The most electrifying brand in Sports Entertainment is coming to the Sega Dreamcast, to create the ultimate, in your face, hardcore wrestling experience. Play as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple ...
    Our Price: $7.00
    $7.00      $7.14
  • Mortal Kombat Gold for SEGA Dreamcast
    A launch title for the Sega Dreamcast, Mortal Kombat Gold includes new levels and weapons from the arcade version of Mortal Kombat ...
    Our Price: $24.00
    $24.00      $24.48
  • Power Stone 2 for SEGA Dreamcast
    The sequel to the hit Power Stone, Power Stone 2 adds 'Adventure' mode. While this mode is functionally identical to the '1-on-1' and 'Arcade' modes there is an additional inventory filled with items and money ...
    Our Price: $95.00
    $95.00      $96.90
  • Soul Calibur for SEGA Dreamcast
    Sharpen your blades for fights against formidable adversaries in Soulcalibur. Play as one of the 19 characters on a mission to acquire the Soul ...
    Our Price: $18.00
    $18.00      $18.36
  • Power Stone for SEGA Dreamcast
    Set in the 19th century, fighters from all over the world fight in search of the Power Stone, a stone that is said to make any dream come true. Play as chracters: Ryoma, Rouge, Gunrock, and ...
    Our Price: $45.00
    $45.00      $45.90
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 for SEGA Dreamcast
    Players select three fighters from the roster of characters from both of the titular universes and fight one-on-one until one of the teams have no players remaining. Choose from 56 characters including: Hulk, Chun ...
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 for SEGA Dreamcast
    Capcom brings its arcade hit STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 to the Dreamcast. All of the characters from the previous games in the ALPHA series have returned, while many old favorites like Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, ...
  • Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram for SEGA Dreamcast
    Virtual-On was a critical and popular hit in Japan, and something of a cult classic in America. The game is best known for it's controllers, two large twin sticks with a single fire button on each. ...
  • ECW Hardcore Revolution for SEGA Dreamcast
    Extreme Championship Wrestling -- replete with barbwire ropes and some pretty nasty-looking weapons of mass mayhem -- comes to Sega Dreamcast in the aptly titled ECW Hardcore Revolution. With 40 different ...
  • Tech Romancer for SEGA Dreamcast
    If you're a fan of ULTRAMAN, VOLTRON, or GUNDAM you'll find much to enjoy in the giant robot-battling gameplay of TECH ROMANCER. Taking advantage of the Dreamcast's high-powered graphical capabilities and their ...
  • Soul Fighter for SEGA Dreamcast
    The kingdom of Gomar has been covered in a strange, otherworldly mist and normal people are being robbed of their humanity, transformed into unthinking, ferocious beasts. The kingdom needs a hero, and it's up ...
  • WWF Attitude for SEGA Dreamcast
    WWF Attitude from Acclaim is the ultimate in wrestling titles for the Dreamcast. Just like its PSX counterpart, the Dreamcast version allows the ultimate wrestling fan to have a plethora of options to choose ...
  • Virtua Fighter 3tb for SEGA Dreamcast
    Virtua Fighter 3 was years ahead of its time and still the best looking arcade fighter available. Yu Suzuki has said he is determined to make the series look and play just like real fighting by the ...
  • King of Fighters Evolution for SEGA Dreamcast
    It's hard to imagine a fighting game with a story as complex as its hand-to-hand combat is awesome. Believe it! THE KING OF FIGHTERS: Evolution represents the next wave of tournament-style fighting: More than ...
  • Street Fighter 3 Double Impact for SEGA Dreamcast
    What could be better than getting a new installment in the popular STREET FIGHTER series? Getting two new installments for the price of one! That's exactly what you'll get when you pick up a copy of ...
  • Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike for SEGA Dreamcast
    The Street Fighter series has long been the measuring stick by which other fighters are measured, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike set a new standard with its amazingly technical fighting style and bold, ...
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