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Atari 2600 Strategy Games

  • Venture for Atari 2600
    You're Winky, the heroic adventurer, and you've discovered a deep underground cave. Beyond the cave are numerous dungeons in which instinct tells you there are valuable treasures. Armed with only your trusty ...
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  • Mouse Trap for Atari 2600
    You control a crafty mouse, weaving his way through a tricky maze of doors and corridors, munching on cheese bits as he goes. Hungry cats pursue him every step of the way, making his journey very hazardous. ...
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  • Video Chess for Atari 2600
    Video Chess has eight skill levels, from beginner to expert allowing you to match wits with the computer. Every chess piece is clearly displayed on a full video chess ...
  • Vanguard for Atari 2600
    Join the Vanguard expedition on a thrilling space odyssey. Fight your way through the perilous tunnels of Aterria to the fabulous City of Mystery and destroy the great Gond! Based on the popular video ...
  • Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match Ups for Atari 2600
    Now a video activity game that's full of lively music, colorful matching, and 'berry' fun times! Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were going to put on a musical talent show. But the Purple Pieman came along ...
  • Omega Race for Atari 2600
    A top-down single-screen shooter similar to Asteroids, but with a curious playfield that constantly displays the high score in the very middle of the screen -- gameplay takes place outside of this, with ...