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Little Bears for Nintendo DS - Used

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Little Bears for Nintendo DS
Little Bears is a life development sim in which players adopt, rear, and play with young bears. Gamers must gain their bear's trust in order to earn hearts and stars, which can then be used to purchase presents and decorations for the bear's bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. The playroom is where most of the action takes place, with gamers feeding, dressing, and teaching their pet tricks; the bedroom is where the bear goes when it's ill and needs medicine or when it's tired; and the bathroom is where players wash and potty train their pet. Little Bears make full use of the DS microphone, letting players sing songs to their bear and even blow into the microphone to dry its hair, but gamers must also remain quiet while their pet is sleeping or they run the risk of awaking it. Little Bears unfolds in real time, with day morphing into night, and seasons affected by the real-world calendar. Bears need consistent attention every day, but if players are going to be away from their DS for a prolonged period they can put their pet into "hibernation" mode, provided the bear has enough fat reserves.

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