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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective for Nintendo DS - Used

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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective for Nintendo DS
Ghost Trick is a mystery-adventure game that puts players in the role of a dead man named Sissel. Sissel has no recollection of how or why he was killed -- in fact, he has no real recollections of anything at all -- but he has only one night to regain his memories, before his soul is lost forever. To recapture his memory, the spectral hero must prevent the deaths of others around him. In the role of a ghost, players do not interact conventionally with their worldly surroundings, but instead can use "tricks" to influence the mortal realm. For example, Sissel can cause an inanimate object to float around the room, in order to spook people away from a pending danger, or booby trap an electrical switch to shock a killer and prevent an assassination. The hero can even move backwards through time, if only by a few minutes, to prevent the unexpected deaths of the people in his charge. The game features and original storyline in 12 main chapters, and distinctly stylized, anime-inspired graphics. Ghost Trick was developed by the same Capcom core creative team that designed the Phoenix Wright games.

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