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Beyblade Metal Fusion for Nintendo DS - Used

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Beyblade Metal Fusion for Nintendo DS
Based on the animated series, Beyblade: Metal Fusion for Nintendo DS revolves around tournament battles fought with special spinning-top "blades." Blades are revved up and let loose, to crash and rebound around a fighting area, which is often walled or bowl-shaped to keep the tops returning to the center for additional collisions. The player with the last in-bounds top spinning is the winner. As in the cartoon series (and the corresponding Hasbro toy line), each top is assembled from five basic parts, which combine for a particular shape, weight, center of gravity, and tip friction. Victory calls for strategic planning, as before a match, players can equip their blades with different parts to for enhanced offensive or defensive attributes. When the blades are in battle, gamers unleash special attacks and abilities with well-timed controller input, in an action-oriented style of play. The DS game uses touch-screen control as well as voice commands, spoken into the microphone. Players can choose from more than a dozen Beyblader characters, and over 20 beys. Two-player wireless competition is supported, through both Nintendo Wi-Fi and single-cartridge local wireless modes.

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