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Draglade for Nintendo DS - Used

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Draglade for Nintendo DS
Draglade is a unique mix of rhythm-based fighting and music that stresses timing over brute strength. The game takes place in a world where scientists have learned how to turn matter into pure energy, and a martial art called Grapping has become a huge spectator sport. The new energy can be converted into a weapon called a Glade, which emits a sound whenever it hits something. The music produced when two Glades clash is the driving force behind Grapping's popularity, and gamers guide four young Grappers who have been pulled in by the sport. Each character has a number of unique abilities, weapons, and fighting techniques, and players can mix and match characteristics to create their own special avatar. Gamers can go through a single-player mode, or use the DS's online capabilities to go head-to-head against players across the country.

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Glad to have found this site that had Rocksmith fitting my budget, than having to buy directly from the company at their price that is double then what it is on here listed for - THANK YOU!" May 2015