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Digimon World Dusk for Nintendo DS - Used

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Digimon World Dusk for Nintendo DS
In Digimon World: Dusk, a computer virus has infected the Digiworld. Gamers begin as a member of the Night Crow team in the Dark Moon district. An earthquake with unknown life energy rocks the environment, and the team members who survive place the blame on each other.

Players must adventure through the game to discover the entity behind the earthquake and bring peace back into the world. During the journey, they may collect, train, and battle with over 200 Digimon creatures from eight different species. Although players can only travel with six and fight with three, they can house extra animals at the Digifarm.

Looking at the world map shows players their current location and where dungeons are located. Exploring each environment allows them to earn cash and experience to improve the effectiveness of both their character and their digital monsters. After players have conquered the game, they can challenge friends to multiplayer combat, earn "Tamer" points, and trade creatures by connecting to a wireless network.

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