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Supreme Commander 2 for XBOX 360 - Used

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Supreme Commander 2 for XBOX 360
Gas Powered Games' futuristic strategy title returns with a new campaign mode, customizable armies, and an assortment of other enhancements. Set 25 years after the conclusion of the first game's "Infinite War," Supreme Commander 2 has you playing as the commander of one of three conflicting factions: the United Earth Federation, the Illuminate, and the Cybran Nation. The single-player game spans 18 story-driven missions, featuring large-scale battles with land, air, and naval units. Acquire new weapons and technology to outfit and upgrade your army, instantly transforming units into more powerful forms with added capabilities. Also available are "experimental war machines," from a unit that bounces bombs off its massive shield to a vortex-creating monstrosity that sucks up nearby enemies, to influence each side's progress in unusual ways. Supreme Commander 2 includes a more streamlined economy and user interface than those found in its predecessor, with added emphasis on tactics and decision-making on the dynamic battlefield.

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