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    Tropico 3 for XBOX 360 - Used

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    Tropico 3 for XBOX 360
    Tropico 3 is a city-building game distinguished by its Caribbean island setting and whimsical tone. As "El Presidente," you can either rule with an iron fist or attempt to improve the island country's quality of life. You'll also create an avatar and wander across the island to directly intimidate political rivals, make speeches, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds. Actual historical events from the Cold War era lend some perspective to the story-driven campaign, which spans a total of 15 missions. Rebel groups, meddling from both the United States and Soviet Union, and other threats to power are continual challenges as you oversee your island's tourism, petroleum, mining, and farming industries. Also included is a mission generator for random maps as well as a timeline editor for custom events.

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    Customer Comments
    "Cool, took me back some years." May 2015