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    Lord of the Rings, The The Fellowship of the Ring for XBOX - Used

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    Lord of the Rings, The The Fellowship of the Ring for XBOX
    Based directly on J.R.R. Tolkien's first book in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring has players controlling young Frodo Baggins as the hobbit journeys from his home in The Shire to his eventual crossing of the River Anuin. Played from a third-person perspective behind the lead character, the game features eight regions consisting of three levels apiece, with each level spanning up to one half-mile in length. As players make their way through the forests, mines, and mountains representing Middle-earth, the game will periodically switch to Gandalf's or Aragorn's perspective to fight creatures or to solve puzzles.

    Gandalf wields the mighty Glamdring, Aragorn slays beasts with Anduril, and Frodo uses Sting, which glows blue whenever orcs are near. Enemies include spiders, cave trolls, goblins, wolves, and the Black Riders or Nazgul. A lock-on system is used in combat to simplify targeting as players attack, block, or jump. Attacks can be also be charged up by holding down the button and waiting until the equipped weapon glows white. The benefit is a more powerful strike, although characters are vulnerable to enemy attacks while charging their weapon.

    In addition to melee weapons, each character can use ranged attacks. Frodo can throw rocks, apples, or firecrackers he collects along the ground, while Aragorn can notch three types of arrows (wooden, fire, and steel) to his bow. Gandalf, on the other hand, can cast one of seven spells for long-distance attacks or to use as protection. Offensive spells include fiery blast, chain lightning, beam of light, and staff strike. The three defensive spells are heal, confusion, and sleep. Each spell uses a portion of Gandalf's spirit, represented by a horizontal meter positioned above the health bar in the upper left corner of the screen.

    This spirit bar is different depending on the character under control. Frodo, for instance, has a purity meter representing the degree of corruption caused by the One Ring. Aragorn's bar will signify Frodo's health during missions where he must protect the inexperienced hobbit from harm's way. As players explore their surroundings, they will be able to interact with a variety of items and characters. Players can climb ladders, shimmy along edges, sneak past enemies with Frodo's stealth skills, lift and carry objects, push and pull crates or boulders, and smash barrels or pottery to reveal new items.

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