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    Road Kill for XBOX - Used

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    Road Kill for XBOX
    Taking place within a post-apocalyptic wasteland called Hell County, RoadKill has players completing deadly missions amidst the watchful eye of rival gangs, guards, and gun-toting civilians. Formerly known as "Highway to Hell," the game features a total of 30 missions spread across the following three cities: Blister Canyon, Lava Falls, and Paradise City. As players drive their vehicles across the lawless land, they'll be able to listen to radio updates offering mission tips, the latest bounty information, and a blend of rock, rap, and heavy metal music. Each vehicle also comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons, ranging from machine guns to grenade launchers.

    Cast in the role of a loner mercenary, players must win the trust of certain gang members, battle rival gangs to the death, collect salvage parts to upgrade vehicles, and explore the terrain to locate hidden blueprints. A total of 30 vehicles are available, each offering custom weapons and upgradeable parts like armor plating and nitrous boosts. The city is also teeming with pedestrians -- some innocent, some militant -- who can be run over at any time in the spirit of the game's title. Vehicular homicides may result in widespread rioting, however, which could result in pockets of resistance within city areas. After players get a taste of the single-player missions, they can challenge up to three other friends for simultaneous deathmatching on a split-screen.

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    "Cool, took me back some years." May 2015