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    Tales Of The Abyss for Nintendo 3DS - Used

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    Tales Of The Abyss for Nintendo 3DS
    The Nintendo 3DS edition of Tales of the Abyss is a remake of the RPG series' PlayStation 2 swan song, with enhancements for dual-screen play in stereoscopic 3D. The portable version rearranges the presentation, but retains the game's real-time battle system and over-world exploration style. Action plays out in the top screen, while battle controls, maps, and other data displays appear below. As in the original, the adventure follows a young hero in a fantasy world, who leaves a life of privilege for the uncertainty and hardships of an adventure to determine the fate of his people.

    Players follow the story of Luke fon Fabre, a young man who is the sole heir of an aristocratic family. Luke's world changes when a technological advance is made, concerning the magic and mechanisms that have powered civilization on his planet. A new kind of elemental particle is discovered that allows people to understand echoes from the future. Thrust from his life of luxury and isolation, into a fateful and epic adventure, Luke must learn the virtues of friendship and self-reliance, as he travels the countryside, battles ferocious monsters, and grows more powerful as a warrior and sorcerer.

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