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John Madden Football CE Championship Edition for SEGA Genesis - Used

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John Madden Football CE Championship Edition for SEGA Genesis
John Madden Football Championship Edition is an exclusive rental-only release featuring 38 championship caliber teams from 1966-91 plus two All-Madden teams: Madden Greats and All-Madden 92. Based on the engine used in John Madden Football '93, the game includes the same number of plays, same split-screen calling system, and same animated graphics showing details like clothesline tackles, head butts after sacks, and shoestring catches.

A vertical perspective of the field is used along with three windows to spot the open man on passing plays. Press the button corresponding to the window and the quarterback will throw to the intended receiver, after which you'll be able to use spins, speed bursts and dives to gain extra yardage. As in John Madden Football '93, the QB Stop Clock play and No Huddle Offense have been added to give players more options on offense.

While the game does not feature an NFL license for real teams or an NFLPA license for actual player names, players are identified by number and possess individual ratings from zero to fifteen based on their real-life counterparts. Uniforms are also the same colors as those in the NFL, although you won't find any logos or team names other than cities. John Madden Football Championship Edition offers battery backup to save progress, team and player statistics tracked during playoffs, and promises more aggressive computer defenses.

Game modes include Season, Playoffs, Preseason (exhibition) and Sudden Death, where the first player to score wins the game. Other notable features include the following: playing head-to-head against a friend or together as teammates, adjustable weather (fair, wind, rain or snow), two playing surfaces (turf or grass), and three quarter lengths (5, 10 or 15 minutes).

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