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Blue Justifier Light Gun For Lethal Enforcers for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Blue Justifier Light Gun For Lethal Enforcers for SEGA Genesis
Konami's showdown in the Old West makes the leap from the arcades to the Genesis in Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters. In this sequel to 1993's Lethal Enforcers, the object is to shoot various outlaws through five digitized stages, each spanning multiple scenes: The Bank Robbery, Stagecoach Holdup, Saloon Showdown, The Train Robbery and The Hideout. The game is compatible with either the Justifier light gun (also from Konami) or control pad, and supports two players for simultaneous gun slinging action. As you shoot down the bad guys, keep an eye on various power-ups to upgrade your weapon. The six different items include: a rifle, shotgun, Gatling gun (twenty-four rounds, cannot be reloaded), double rig (two pistols), .50 caliber sharp, and cannon (seven rounds, cannot be reloaded).

Upgrades may be found inside barrels or behind objects, so keep blasting away at the scenery to reveal them. Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters also features a promotion system that will have you rising through six ranks, from lowly Posse to U.S. Marshal. To receive a promotion, you'll need to be accurate with your shots while avoiding innocent bystanders. Each stage ends with a boss character who will fire projectiles to keep you occupied while avoiding your shots. Defeat the boss and you'll get to play one of two bonus rounds, which involve either shooting bottles or squaring off against a desperado to find out who has the fastest draw. Three difficulty levels help determine the number of lives and continues you have before the game ends.

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