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Spider-Man by Sega for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Spider-Man by Sega for SEGA Genesis

Spider-Man by Sega for SEGA Genesis Genesis R1
The Kingpin has declared an all-out war on everyone's favorite radioactive super-hero! He announces that Spider-Man has planted a bomb set to detonate in 24 hours, and Spidey soon becomes public enemy number one. In reality, it is The Kingpin who has planted the bomb, and it is up to Spider-Man to find the bomb, disarm it and clear his name. All in 24 hours.

Don't expect The Kingpin to make it easy on the web-slinger. He has dispatched six deadly villains, including Venom, Electro and Dr. Octopus, to make sure Spider-Man does not survive. But Spider-Man has what it takes to fight back. He can scale the side of skyscrapers, swing across the city using his homemade web-fluid, and his unique "spider-sense" allows him to detect impending danger.

Straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics comes Spider-Man for your Sega Genesis. Take control and save the city from destruction!

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