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Dinosaurs for Hire for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Dinosaurs for Hire for SEGA Genesis
What's more frightening than being chased by a maniacal dinosaur? How about being chased by a maniacal dinosaur with a gun? And that's exactly what you'll see in DINOSAURS FOR HIRE. Thankfully, though, you play the role of the gun-toting dinosaurs genetic mutants created by a certifiable dictator. You can play as any of the three DINOSAURS FOR HIRE: Archie the T-Rex, who wields an automatic machine gun; Lorenzo the Triceratops, with his .50 caliber elephant gun; or Reese the Stegosaurus, who is partial to the pulse cannon. Each dino has different attributes, so pick the one that best fits your gaming style and get ready to wreak some havoc. Through level after level, you'll be up against all kinds of enemies and bosses it's up to you to maintain the dinosaurs' reputation!

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