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Zany Golf for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Zany Golf for SEGA Genesis
In Zany Golf for the Sega Genesis, up to four players can compete in a very strange game of miniature golf. Each of the nine holes is distinctive from the others and has its own theme. Here are the names of the nine holes, listed in order: Wacky Windmill, Hamburger Hill, Will's Walls, Pinball Palace, Frantic Fans, Chaotic Castle, Ambling Ant Hill, Knock-Out Nightmare, and Energy Enigma. Before each hole, you can check out the layout of the entire hole, and the computer will give you a listing of special instructions, hints, or bonuses for that hole.

You must complete the course in a specific number of strokes. If you finish a hole within a specified time period or if you hit specific targets, you can earn bonus strokes. In addition to trying to keep your score low while aiming your ball for each hole, you will be called upon to perform all kinds of "zany" golf stunts, including solving puzzles, knocking out barriers, dodging a hamburger bun, and playing a quick game or two of pinball.

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"Cool, took me back some years." May 2015