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Thunder Force III 3 for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Thunder Force III 3 for SEGA Genesis
More than 100 years ago a war broke out between our Galaxy Union and the Empire of Lone. Over time the war spread throughout almost half the galaxy. The Empire, backed by massively hellish weapons, has diminished the Union's armed forces considerably, placing it in an extremely precarious position.

The Empire's main base and five major planets (Hydra, Gorgon, Seiren, Haides and Ellis) are hidden by a Hexa-Cloaking-System and protected by Killparos, a Remote Intercepting System, that can destroy anything in the vicinity.

Facing almost certain defeat, the Union unleashes the Fire Leo 3 (codenamed Styx), a starfighter that is small enough to avoid enemy detection, yet powerful enough to cruise at four different speeds and pick up and carry a number of powerful weapons (such as twin shots, backfire, shields, force field claws and ultrasonic waves).

To restore peace to the galaxy, you must pilot the ship through all five major Empire planets and the Planet of Empire Lone, blasting and avoiding hordes of enemies as you go.

The stages in this game let you fly over, through, and around several types of terrain, including a virgin forest, lava, water, craggy holes, and ice. At the end of each stage, you'll face one of the following giant bosses: Gargoyle, Twin Vulcan, King Fish, G-Lobster or Mobile Fort. Each boss has a vulnerable spot somewhere on its body.

Project Thunder Force III is underway! See if you have what it takes to rid the universe of the evil Empire!

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