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    Midnight Resistance for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Midnight Resistance for SEGA Genesis
    Dr. Malcolm Ford devoted most of his life to finding a serum that would stop drug addiction. He found it. After successful tests on laboratory animals, he was ready to begin the process of making it safe enough for human consumption. Alas, he wouldn't get that far. Realizing the serum's success would render his business obsolete, the Crimson King kidnapped the doctor and took him to a tropical island named Matano.

    You see, the Crimson King was the head of one of the most feared and powerful drug cartels in the world, so he could not sit idly by as the doctor flushed all of his hard work down the toilet. The Crimson King also wanted to set a trap for Ford's son, Johnny. Johnny Ford just so happens to be the Narcotics Control Agency's (NCA) top agent, responsible for several expensive drug busts throughout his career. Now Johnny has no choice but to travel to Matano in order to save his father!

    The 8-Meg Midnight Resistance is an action game in the same style as Konami's Contra. The game is played from a horizontal perspective as you move from left to right to combat the Crimson King's forces. You'll play the role of Johnny Ford, blasting anything that moves with your machine-gun while progressing through seven levels of shooting mayhem. In between each level, you'll be able to purchase new weapons or items using keys found by destroying enemies.

    The four types of guns include a full-automatic, flame-thrower, shotgun and three-way shot. Also available are special backpack weapons, allowing you to use three types of missiles to zero-in on the enemy, and items such as extra bullets, barriers, extra lives and super chargers (to increase each weapon's power). Options include four difficulty levels, four different control configurations, adjustable lives and up to five continues. Midnight Resistance for the Genesis is a translation of Data East's 1990 arcade game of the same name.

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