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Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter for SEGA Genesis
By the year 1999, the Earth has become merely a shell of what it once was. Nuclear and bio-chemical warfare have torn the planet apart, leaving the ecosystem unbalanced and forcing whatever humans were left to live underground, safe from the dangers above. The creatures that live above ground are all hideously disfigured, vile mutants that have formed an army: the Steelmask Force. As Mazinger-Z, hoping to reclaim the Earth as your own, you embark on a potentially lethal journey to the surface of the planet to fight the Steelmask Force and bring it down. Intense hand-to-hand fighting is the order of the day here, and you'll be up against some of the most heinous and vicious creatures the world has ever known. If you are successful, humans will reclaim the Earth and hopefully restore order.

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