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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein for SEGA Genesis
Based on Kenneth Branaugh's epic film, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the Genesis lets you lumber through six chapters of gameplay (each with a cinematic intermission) as the Frankenstein Monster. Armed with a staff and bolts of electricity, you1ll trudge and jump through a crypt, the woods, a marsh, the Frankenstein Mansion, the arctic north, Ingolstadt (home of the monster1s creator), and the Alexander Nevsky, the icebreaker that holds the key to the creature's tortured existence.

Because the Frankenstein Monster has such an ugly and terrifying appearance, you'll be attacked throughout the game by soldiers, dogs, crypt keepers, bats, giant spiders, sailors, wood cutters, and others anxious to send you back to the grave from whence you came. You must also dodge a variety of traps such as falling chandeliers and chunks of ice. Sympathetic monster that you are, your only goal is to make peace with your existence and find the mad scientist who abandoned you shortly after stitching you together from various body parts.

The Frankenstein Monster is a lumbering brute, but he's not dumb. After all, in the movie (and in the original book), he learns how to read by spying on a family. Perhaps as a means to express this relatively high intelligence, the designers have incorporated hidden items, hidden clues, secret levers, secret pathways, and other strategic points into the action.

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