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    Marko for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Marko for SEGA Genesis
    This is the story of a little boy named Marko who loved to play soccer. When not playing soccer, he was either reading, dreaming, or thinking about it. One day a nasty old man named Colonel Brown had to spoil all of that. After cooking up vats of sludge in his toy factory, he unleashed the sludge on the neighborhood, turning all of the town's animals into deadly sludge monsters.

    Marko vowed that he would not play another game of soccer until this evil presence had been eliminated from the formerly peaceful town of North Sterlington. Armed with a magical soccer ball and several pairs of sneakers, Marko must run, jump, and kick his way throughout the town, kicking his soccer ball at birds, rats, hedgehogs, bees, spiders, dinosaurs, and other sludge-infected monsters. Just like in a real soccer game, Marko is capable of several kinds of kicks, including overhead kicks, headers, low kicks, short kicks, and medium kicks. He can even chip the ball.

    Along with the assortment of crazed animals, Marko must also contend with human inhabitants of the town, many of whom are ordinary citizens. At times Marko will find other weapons in addition to the soccer ball, such as when he must shoot Colonel Brown's brainwashed construction workers with a popgun.

    To get extra energy, bonus points, and extra lives, Marko can gather up hearts, balloons, stars, and plasma balls as he kicks about town.

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