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Insector X for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Insector X for SEGA Genesis
In a world unseen by the human eye, Baglon-Belzeid, leader of the malevolent Belzer race of insectoids, is preparing his half-insect, half-machine troops for an all-out assault on the human world. Unknown to the humans is their only hope, the sole survivor of the Insector race recently wiped out by the Belzers. His name is Kait. But you can call him Insector X.

In Insector X, guide Kait through five rounds of shoot-'em-up action as you blast away at Baglon-Belzeid's forces. Along the way, your Synchroriverator gun becomes more powerful as you collect power-ups left behind by certain enemies. Other power-ups enable you to speed up or use a special weapon. Each round ends with a powerful boss that must be defeated in order to advance. Careful precision is necessary, as Kait must dodge not only the insectoid enemies, but also the bullets and other projectiles they may fire in his direction. If Kait is hit only once, he will perish.

Options allow you to have up to eight lives per game to use with your three continues. Also, you can choose between three difficulty levels.

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