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    Gargoyles for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Gargoyles for SEGA Genesis
    Gargoyles are a race of winged stone creatures that come alive as the sun disappears into the night. Goliath, their leader, has learned of a great danger that could mean the end of the world: an ancient relic known as the Eye of Odin. Travel through 1,000 years of time in Goliath's quest to destroy this evil artifact once and for all. Of course, there are those who do not want you to succeed!

    Enemies range from primitive Vikings to advanced robotic insects as you progress through the game's 18 levels. Climb huge, gothic buildings while avoiding fire and projectiles, attack in mid-air, claw enemies on the ground, or somersault to break crumbling walls. Does the title sound familiar? Gargoyles is based on Buena Vista's animated series (1994-1997) of the same name. Defend your home from the evil of the night!

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